Obamacare Fail….

According to a report from Reuters, the Health Exchange Website faced multiple glitches and technical problems before midnight monday. Sadly the administration failed to solve the issues pertaining to HealthCare.gov and proved how unprepared the federal Goverment was for this endeavor. For the Obamacare to succeed you have to pull together the right people instead of assigning Kathleen Sebelius, head of Human Services, to run a operation she has no experience to conduct.
The enrollment numbers reflect a dismal failure of the administration , only six million of the seven million goal signed up for the exchange. Even with late signups the numbers don’t even reach the first goal and only dent the 48 million uninsured Americans.
In cities across the United States last hour enrollees signed up for private insurance they were unsure they would receive. Enrique Gonzalez was excited but at the same time pessimistic, “My family needs health insurance but are worried its all a government scam” its the view of families across the United States.
Source: Washington Post


Disney Keeps Their Traditions

Its the land of dreams for thousands of children. Disney world has been a hotspot for thousands of families planning getaways. Once entering the gates of Magic Kingdom its easy to see the statements of “corporate citizenship” Disney portrays repeatedly. Though it has faced complications from its most classic attractions. The famous attraction “Its A Small World” has not changed over the last fourty years even though Im not the first to bring up the controversy. Disney, instead of bending to pressure stuck to their old traditions and its honestly respectable. Lets face the facts , children don’t learn from Disney and neither care for cultural stereotypes. People will always be stereotyped and the faster we accept the quicker we can serve our true purpose, the children.